Frozen Synapse

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I’ve been hopelessly addicted to Frozen Synapse. I don’t know when my next post or even review will be. I’ve been trying to balance work, FS and anime/manga without too much success.

Here’s a thread I made on Reddit which contains links to all my Frozen Synapse videos. If it looks interesting, look it up, it’s fun and you can take it at your own pace.


Braid – let’s use our brains!

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These lamps are too weak, wait until I invent neon lights

Recently, I bought Braid. Steam was having a sale and I thought, “Well, I keep seeing it mentioned here and there, maybe I should try it out to see what all the fuss is about.”

I’m glad I did. Braid is a lot of fun and it really makes you think, “How do I do this?” I didn’t complete Braid in one sitting, I would complete a level every couple days. Continue Reading Braid – let’s use our brains!…

Yumekui Merry is a 13 episode nightmare

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Yumekui Merry is 13 episodes long. After I’d seen the first episode, I was going to drop it. Yumekui just wasn’t entertaining, enjoyable or interesting to me. For some reason, I decided to continue, I kept thinking “Well, it can only get better, right?” No, it never offers more than what you’d expect from it after watching the first episode. Don’t get me wrong, Yumekui isn’t a bad anime but it’s not the kind of anime I like. I knew this when I tried watching Shakugan no Shana because many people seem to like it, only to find how annoyingly bad and boring it was to me. Yumekui is the same as Shakugan. If you’ve seen Shakugan, you’ll feel like you’ve seen Yumekui. Continue Reading Yumekui Merry is a 13 episode nightmare…

Level E on the big screen

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Come in my room, I've got candy!

Level E was one of the manga I read in my earlier years. It was one of the funniest manga I had read at that time and definitely high on my favorites list. When I took a look at the Winter Season’s chart, I was shocked to see Level E. Shocked, excited and happy to know that Level E was finally going to get some love. It was the anime that stood out for me in the Winter 2011 chart. Level E definitely did not disappoint me but it couldn’t exceed my expectations. Continue Reading Level E on the big screen…

Mirai no Football

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Damn, I'm on a cruise ship and there aren't any girls around me

Mirai no Football is a short 1 volume 5 chapter manga about a football(soccer) player who is thrown into the past. If the short length already doesn’t interest you, it’s safe to say you won’t be missing much. If the short summary doesn’t interest you, this probably isn’t for you. If, however, you want to know at a glance whether you want to read this short and non-time consuming manga, come inside. Continue Reading Mirai no Football…

Star Driver is the definition of a guilty pleasure

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Yes Ma'am!

What is a guilty pleasure? It’s something you(or I) may like or take pleasure in but wouldn’t want others to know. It’s something we like, though it goes against our ethos. It’s something we are ashamed to like. Star Driver is all of that and more. It’s 25 episodes long and bears many trademarks of the mecha and shounen genres. Continue Reading Star Driver is the definition of a guilty pleasure…

Nineteen, Twenty-One

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No, “Nineteen, Twenty-One” isn’t about that year, those are the ages of the two protagonists. Two cat lovers who meet, both facing the fulcrum of life. Continue Reading Nineteen, Twenty-One…


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Yea, my broom style is deadly.

Kenji is a 21 volume manga about martial arts, growing up and taking a journey. I started reading this manga a while ago but it wasn’t complete then. It finally finished recently and I got back into Kenji very easily. Kenji is an addicting adventure romp with enough action to ensnare your interest from beginning to end. Continue Reading Kenji…

A quick note

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From Grave of the Fireflies, saddest movie ever.

Just a quick note here before I write my review. I won’t be updating daily anymore, this will become a week or every two week cycle. Continue Reading A quick note…


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Looking for something?

Cencoroll is a short 25 minute “movie”. It’s alot of fun to watch and has some amazing animation. Continue Reading Cencoroll…

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