Saki, a new reason to play mahjong

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I’m going to try a different way of reviewing Saki.

Saki is about having as many female characters as possible while including what could be construed as yuri or yuri-ish every now and then just to keep you on your toes… It’s about learning to love Mahjong and stealing glances at Nodoka’s serious face while she thinks. Saki has plenty of arch-types and plenty of fanservice. Continue Reading Saki, a new reason to play mahjong…


Major the Movie (Gekijouban Major)

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I'm swift like a butterfly

Major is about a boy who wants to become a professional baseball player like his father.

I saw this movie about a year ago. Hopefully I don’t get anything wrong. I haven’t seen Major the tv series yet nor have I read Major the manga so this movie is my only reference point for Major. I’m not exactly a fan of baseball but I am definitely fond of the sports genre in story format. Continue Reading Major the Movie (Gekijouban Major)…

Indian Summer (Koharu Biyori), a quick review

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Looks comfy 😮

Indian Summer is about a guy who buys a “maid robot”. He collects figurines and the main reason he bought the maid robot was so that he could dress her up. She isn’t happy about this. Well, that’s the short summary of the very beginning.

I’ll try to keep this review short because it’s too late and I need to get up way too early tomorrow. Besides, this is a short 3 episode ova so it’s not like there’s too much to write about. Continue Reading Indian Summer (Koharu Biyori), a quick review…

MM! A Big Cast with Little Character

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Awww, how cute....

MM! is about a boy who has fallen for a girl he saw at his workplace, a convenience store. No, the story doesn’t take place at his workplace, rather, most of the anime takes place at his school. The twist? The boy is a masochist. He wants to confess his love for this girl he saw but he’s afraid she’ll freak out when she finds out about his disposition. He goes to the second volunteering club with hopes that they can help with his dilemma. There he meets a beautiful and young looking upperclassman. Sounds sort of original? Maybe MM! will be funny or have some interesting situations? Read on if you like disappointment. Continue Reading MM! A Big Cast with Little Character…

SoreMachi does comedy right

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Wow. Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru is definitely one of my favorite from the Fall 2010 season. The first episode didn’t impress me but that quickly changed after taking a week break and coming back to it. SoreMachi went from one of the least anticipated anime to the funniest. A serious sleeper hit. If you are avoiding SoreMachi because of the art, you really need to do a double take. Continue Reading SoreMachi does comedy right…

The World God Only Knows

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The manga is much better than the anime. What I mean is that you should read the manga. The manga is really a lot of fun to read, hilarious and very cute. If you have a choice between reading the manga or watching the anime, please choose the manga. You won’t be disappointed. Hopefully I’ve made my case. If you insist on watching the anime and you’re too lazy to “read” the manga, well, here is my poorly thought out review of “The World God Only Knows” the anime. Continue Reading The World God Only Knows…

Vampires and love with a heaping plate of boring

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Fortune Arterial is a generic romantic comedy with benign and mischievous vampires. The show does nothing beyond average and the animation is painfully limited. I almost dropped the series because of how boring it was but seeing as I had somehow neared the end, I gave it another try after a month of watching other shows. Continue Reading Vampires and love with a heaping plate of boring…

Tekken – better now than it was years ago

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Tekken was the last movie I watched recently, so I’ll start off my reviews here. I’ve actually seen Tekken a long time ago but I re-watched it yesterday because I couldn’t remember anything from the movie…and because it was mentioned in passing on a reddit thread, something else I recently got into, obsessively. Continue Reading Tekken – better now than it was years ago…

I shall blog more starting today

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Or at least, I hope so. I don’t know how much I’ll post but I’ll try to post regularly. Hopefully, you will enjoy reading my thoughts and opinions. I’ll start today off with a couple reviews Continue Reading I shall blog more starting today…

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