Tekken – better now than it was years ago

January 17, 2011 at 12:14 am | Posted in Anime Movie Reviews, Anime Reviews | 1 Comment
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Tekken was the last movie I watched recently, so I’ll start off my reviews here. I’ve actually seen Tekken a long time ago but I re-watched it yesterday because I couldn’t remember anything from the movie…and because it was mentioned in passing on a reddit thread, something else I recently got into, obsessively.

This is not a good movie nor a good anime. The first time I watched Tekken I found it to be boring and simply all over the place. After rewatching it, I found that I actually enjoyed the experience much more than my previous viewing. I think I can attribute this to the horrible story telling that I’ve constantly put myself through, watching horrible harem and romantic comedy anime.

The sound is fine but it definitely didn’t add anything to the show. I can’t seriously comment on the voice acting as I watched this on youtube with the english dub, which made it more entertaining to watch, since I usually watch anime with japanese audio and subtitles. The voice acting is hilarious and kept me quite entertained. The story is a mess, which doesn’t come as a surprise but seriously, invisible t-rexes, a boxing kangaroo and laser beam explosion of an entire island facility? Talk about variety!

Overall, I have to say I’m a bit impressed by how much I enjoyed it now compared to before. The story is all over the place but the laughs are pretty constant. Tekken seems to take itself seriously while throwing hilarious plot devices left and right towards the end. I’m satisfied with my re-watch and if you’ve never seen Tekken, well, I recommend you go over to youtube with an open mind and a humorous attitude.

Overall rating: 7

Hilarious and somewhat enjoyable only because of how ridiculous it was.

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  1. Better than 2010 live action Tekken. Pales compared to the SFII animated film.

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