SoreMachi does comedy right

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Wow. Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru is definitely one of my favorite from the Fall 2010 season. The first episode didn’t impress me but that quickly changed after taking a week break and coming back to it. SoreMachi went from one of the least anticipated anime to the funniest. A serious sleeper hit. If you are avoiding SoreMachi because of the art, you really need to do a double take.

Personally, one of the first things I look at when viewing anime and judging whether I will like it, or whether I should even try it, is the art. I almost didn’t even give SoreMachi a chance, I didn’t have much reason to either. I felt I’d watched my fair share of anime from the Fall 2010 season but I had some time so I decided to at least test it out. The first episode didn’t impress me simply because I was biased against the art. The OP and ED didn’t seem like much at the time. The animation was really well done and the characters were goofy but lovable. Yet, I kept seeing the art and being put off by it. So I stopped there and didn’t think to look back until a week later, when I felt like giving SoreMachi another try. Luckily, I did because my god, I would have missed out on Fall’s funniest offering.

SoreMachi is about a high school student working in a maid cafe, a maid cafe run by an elderly old lady in a maid outfit. With only one maid in a small ramshackle place with a barely visible sign. Let the comedy gold begin!

Loved the animation, very well done. Although the art was what kept me from the anime in the first place, I’ve come to actually love the unique art style. After getting addicted to SoreMachi everything seemed to click. My brain shouted a resounding, “Thank god the art is unique, unlike all the other anime with same face art!”

The OP is good, great music and some good planning. The ED is where it’s at. In the beginning I couldn’t enjoy the ED because I was so hung up about the art but after I grew to like the series, I found myself watching the ED after EVERY episode. Talk about addicting, the ED feels like everything I want from an ED. Hilarity, chaos and an amazing song. I actually rewatched the ED after the series ended. Heck, I rewatched the ED while going back earlier to get some screens. Definitely my favorite ED of the Fall 2010 season.

I laughed out loud to this anime many many times. I caught myself falling for Kon. Kon could very well be everything I want in a woman. Sometimes boyish, sometimes cute and a whole tub of fuckin’ awesome! Another plus would be the fact that she reminds me of Tsukasa from Ichigo 100%.

Great characters in great “short” stories and comedy done correctly throughout, coupled with unique art and impeccable direction makes for true entertainment. I recommend everyone to give this a shot. It doesn’t matter if you find the art awkward, just give yourself a chance to laugh.

Overall: 10

Yes, insanely enjoyable and laugh out loud anime deserve a 10. Especially when SoreMachi has my favorite ED out of the Fall 2010 season.


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