The World God Only Knows

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The manga is much better than the anime. What I mean is that you should read the manga. The manga is really a lot of fun to read, hilarious and very cute. If you have a choice between reading the manga or watching the anime, please choose the manga. You won’t be disappointed. Hopefully I’ve made my case. If you insist on watching the anime and you’re too lazy to “read” the manga, well, here is my poorly thought out review of “The World God Only Knows” the anime.

TWGOK is a supernatural romantic comedy with slight harem tones. Throw in some Ecchi here, a bath scene there… You get the overall idea. Boy meets reaper, has to chase spirits out of random girls’ hearts using the power of love, or he can take it like a man and become headless.

New way to train

The OP is average and the ED is very slightly above average. The sound effects throughout the show are particularly noteworthy. I really liked the sound of Elsee’s alarm going off. The voice acting is somewhat lacking. I usually don’t get pulled out of an anime from voice acting because I find that many anime have great voice acting to make up for the low budget animating but, TWGOK seems to have spotty voice acting every now and then. I’d try to get into the anime just to get pulled right back out with an awkward line. The art is standard anime fare, nothing much but passable. Some good characters and a couple omitted from the anime…at least I think so? I don’t particularly remember the order but one of my favorite girls was the swimming club girl. I thought she would be included but maybe I’m wrong. Keima is never really brought out of his shell in the anime and you never really like him, while the manga does an adequate job of getting you to like Keima. With all the drawbacks I still enjoyed TWGOK a lot because it had some funny moments and never felt boring or stuck in one place.

Get ready for the shock of your life, PFP!

All the girls are entertaining in their own right. My favorite from both the anime and the manga is Elsee. Her ditsy and cute character can be unpredictable, which is fun to watch. The first arc is the track arc, in which Keima puts up giant banners and signs to make Ayumi hate him so that she loves him…? The second arc is the stuck up rich girl arc. Keima helps Mio out and then he wins her lips. then comes the idol arc, where Keima does the famous neglect play and switches to emotional support after he had reeled Kanon in enough. Last and definitely not least is one of my favorites, the librarian! Silent, cute and thoughtful Shiori makes her appearance. She rarely speaks which would deter most would be love interests but this poses absolutely no problems for Keima, the capture god.

Overall the anime does an acceptable job but fails to improve upon or even match up to the manga’s level. I would definitely recommend TWGOK to anyone looking for a light comedy or light romance anime.


Overall: 8

I was never bored and I always felt entertained.


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