MM! A Big Cast with Little Character

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Awww, how cute....

MM! is about a boy who has fallen for a girl he saw at his workplace, a convenience store. No, the story doesn’t take place at his workplace, rather, most of the anime takes place at his school. The twist? The boy is a masochist. He wants to confess his love for this girl he saw but he’s afraid she’ll freak out when she finds out about his disposition. He goes to the second volunteering club with hopes that they can help with his dilemma. There he meets a beautiful and young looking upperclassman. Sounds sort of original? Maybe MM! will be funny or have some interesting situations? Read on if you like disappointment.

What could be better, right? ;x

MM! tries to add diversity into the generic cast of characters by giving each and every character a certain quirk. This didn’t work out well for MM! because all the characters are one tone and lean on the “I’m special!” crutch throughout the whole series. None of the characters do any real development nor do they ever graduate from their generic selves, ever. Each character in MM! tries to find their own footing only to fail miserably and slip back into obscurity.

The only character I liked was Arashiko. I didn’t like Arashiko because she was a good character or because she rose above the rest, nope. I like Arashiko based on the fact that I like that character arch type.  I’m weak against the way Arashiko looks and her shy demeanor coupled with a nice disposition. Her androphobia had nothing to do with the reason I liked her. The androphobia arc made me lose brain cells. Despite the horrible arc, Arashiko is the only girl in MM! that I liked. The rest of the cast is pretty much throw away characters. Most of these characters simply show up once or twice briefly in each arc as if to say, “We’re still here! Did you forget we even existed? Probably!”.

Gimme a hug, you! Yuri? Nope, think again!

The story jumps all over the place with Mio trying to cure Taro of his masochist tendencies with the first idea she gets. Arcs which try to explain a character occur every now and then but with very little depth or thought put into them, so they feel like empty attempts at adding to the story. The art in MM! is fine. Regulation art style for an anime with regulation animation. There are times they cut corners and other times when they did do some good animating.

For an anime that literally threw every disposition it could at you, it somehow failed to innovate, be original or even feel different. MM! felt like a mash up of many other anime I’ve already seen, done in almost exactly the same way. MM! simply felt old, tired and formulaic. This old anime had no new tricks and offered no new humor.

I would only recommend this anime to those who are looking for exactly what MM! is, a formulaic “romantic comedy” type harem anime. MM! contains many dispositions which could have turned into something great, yet, it felt like they never even tried. To have androphobia, sadism, masochism, cross dressing, yuri undertones, incestuous “love”, 2D fetish and genius inventor and still not be able to make something fun is beyond me.

Kidnapping giraffes

Overall: 6

It’s nothing you haven’t seen before. Fast paced but somehow still boring. Go in with low expectations and maybe you’ll enjoy MM!.


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