Major the Movie (Gekijouban Major)

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I'm swift like a butterfly

Major is about a boy who wants to become a professional baseball player like his father.

I saw this movie about a year ago. Hopefully I don’t get anything wrong. I haven’t seen Major the tv series yet nor have I read Major the manga so this movie is my only reference point for Major. I’m not exactly a fan of baseball but I am definitely fond of the sports genre in story format.

We will rock you

Major follows Goro from right after his move to a new town. There he meets a girl whose father is the rival of Goro’s father. They belong to the same professional baseball team but Goro’s father is the ace while the girl’s father has been benched. This girl has a brother and because of the rivalries these two boys form a rivalry as they play in the same baseball club.

Major was a bit slow to start but it eventually became very gripping. A great story coupled with great voice acting and good art kept me entertained. This movie isn’t exactly targeted for an older audience but Major is enjoyable regardless. Major has that spark of passion and competitive spirit that is so enjoyable when watching a sports genre anime. I wouldn’t know if there are any or even many cliches in this movie as this is the first baseball anime I’ve watched, at least from what I can recall.

This review was short because I’m itching to read some manga and I don’t really remember too much except that I thoroughly enjoyed Major the Movie. Why did I review something I don’t remember much of? Because I’d still recommend this to you! Yep, from what I remember I know this is a solid sports movie experience and you shouldn’t miss out if you enjoy watching sports anime or movies.

Wow, talk about daring!

Overall: 8

A bit slow at first but Major is definitely a very gripping watch.


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