Here to recommend some Cee Lo Green!

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Now, this song isn’t close to obscure but there’s more than one reason I’m recommending it.

Cee Lo Green – Fuck You

Cee Lo Green – Fuck You Cover

Cee Lo Green – Fuck You (sign language version)

Cee Lo Green’s Fuck You is an awesome song with an equally awesome music video but here I’ve got an awesome cover I wanted to share and even someone who performs Fuck You in sign language, how fucking awesome is that?

The cover is really well done and I thought I should share it since I wanted to share this song. I wanted to share this song because the sign language performance is…fucking awesome. The girl performing fuck you in sign language is not only cute but she seems to be enjoying her presentation, which is what makes the presentation. Really fucking well done. In short, awesome song, awesome cover and an even more awesome performance. Do yourself a favor and at least watch the sign language version, whether you like the song or not.


Akikan! means “empty can”

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Melon Sodas these days are pretty sexy

Akikan! is a 12 episode anime centered around a harem plot. Kakeru, the main character is a hobbyist who collects cans…one day he drinks from a melon soda can but to his surprise…THE CAN TURNS INTO A HUMAN. Huh? Yea, the first episode doesn’t really make sense…then again, the anime itself barely made much sense either. Something about cans fighting each other and something…I don’t remember much about this anime. It was pretty forgettable. I guess empty can can also mean empty memories.

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Another music recommendation

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I’m sorry to say this but I actually planned to do an anime review tonight but I got distracted by Reddit for many more hours than I planned for and here I am, tired, sleepy and unmotivated. Instead of an anime review, I hope you’ll accept this song.

“Made” by Dub FX

This isn’t exactly an obscure artist but just in case you haven’t heard of Dub FX I had to recommend him and this song. My favorite song of Dub FX’s, it could be the lyrics, it could be the layout, whatever it is, I can’t get enough of this song. Puts me in a trance of happiness every single time.

A song recommendation? Yep, I’m recommending you some music!

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Let me be the first to say that my taste in music is really diverse. I don’t really look at songs as categorized in genres, though I can look through genres to find songs I like. When I listen to a song, I simply listen to see if it appeals to me. Like I just said, I only care about labels when I’m looking for specific songs, otherwise, I like what my ear and brain like. So with that said, I hope everyone will keep an open mind in the future when I recommend some music.

Tinashe: Mbira version of “Zambezi

It’s soft, mellow and calming. I love calm songs. Simplicity can be much better than complex when done correctly. The lyrics are sweet, direct and moving. I don’t remember how or when I found this song but I always seem to come back to it every week, replaying it over and over right before going to sleep. It’s only 3 minutes and 25 seconds long so you don’t have an excuse not to give this a chance! Enjoy.

Saijou no Meii – Ongoing Series Recommendation

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Saijou no Meii is complete at 11 volumes but isn’t completely scanlated yet, which is why I consider it to be “ongoing”. This is more a recommendation than a review but this should be considered the review for Saijou until it’s actually complete and I can give a full review.

I decided to recommend Saijou no Meii next because it’s also a medical “drama” but it’s completely and utterly different from Team Medical Dragon. They’re both good in their own way but Saijou no Meii is much more about comedy and never takes itself seriously.

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Team Medical Dragon – Ongoing Manga Recommendation

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Ready for work

Today I’m starting something new…sort of. This isn’t really a review, more of an open recommendation to an ongoing manga.

Team Medical Dragon is superb. If you like serious medical dramas, you’re going to love Team Medical Dragon, guaranteed. Heck, even if you’re not a fan of medical dramas, after reading this there’s a good chance you’ll be one of the converted. Before reading this, I never paid much attention to medical manga but after getting a dose of this manga a year or two ago, suddenly I was on the hunt for medical manga.

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Kurenai OVA comes at us with a different approach

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Pool scene in the beginning...genius!

Kurenai OVA bases the character’s looks on the manga much more than the series did. The Kurenai series made many changes to the character models, which I actually didn’t know about until I found out about the Kurenai OVA. I haven’t read the Kurenai manga yet but I’ll get to it sometime. Anyway, Kurenai OVA is 2 episodes long and it has a different atmosphere to it than the series.
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Kurenai the series shows its serious side

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You better be, you jerk!

Kurenai (Kure-nai) feels like a serious show and indeed it is. Yet, there are elements of the story that I just can’t take seriously. Kurenai starts off strong and transitions into a good middle ground but somehow fails the move towards the end. The ending is what left a sour taste and something which could have been done correctly and made Kurenai an anime to remember. The ending is what drags Kurenai down into the “forgettable” lane and simply something I can’t take seriously. I guess that’s my only gripe with Kurenai.

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Capcom likes to fuck with us

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It's too bad Cyclops isn't in MvC3 but this isn't why I hate Capcom

Fuck Capcom.

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Beelzebub the ova underwhelms as expected

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Rattle of face bending legend

Beelzebub (Hirotta Akachan wa Daimaou!?) is an ova which is 30 minutes long and typical shounen fare without the humor. I don’t know if it’s whether I’ve already read the manga and the fact that I knew everything that was coming or simply that the anime failed on the comedic front. Beelzebub doesn’t fail to deliver the copious amounts of unrealistic violence, though, which could be good or bad depending on your view and viewing mood.

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