Candy Boy, a tale of two sisters

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This is the exact moment I fell in love with Yukino

Candy Boy is about two sisters. No boys or candies involved. Now, I know what you’re thinking. I was thrown off by the title too, which was why I avoided this anime before. I only tried it recently after reading some references here and there. This is a great ONA if you’re up for something a bit slow paced, slightly funny and dialogue driven.

Did I mention I have a deadly weakness to foxes?

Candy Boy can feel arduously long at times, despite its shortened running time. The episodes are generally only 15 minutes long but the slow pace and minimalist animation can make Candy Boy feel like a full length episode. Don’t get me wrong, Candy Boy has amazing art. There isn’t much animation simply because this is an anime that doesn’t rely on animation, it relies on dialogue and atmosphere. Candy Boy is very fluffy, light and totally laid back. This is something to watch if you want to just relax or watch something pleasant without having to over think anything.

The characters are fun and everyone is nice in the anime. There are subtle hints of alienation but that never becomes an issue. This is a very Yuri type anime which focuses on the characters and the story of a small part of their lives. The voice acting is engaging and the dialogue is their strength. I know I’ve mentioned the dialogue a lot but I could really get into the story through their simple chats. This was one of the reasons I stuck around, if Candy Boy didn’t have the dialogue nor the animation, I would have never stuck around.

In short, I’d recommend this to anyone who isn’t put off by Yuri, wants a relatively short but interesting watch, likes silly everyday type dialogue which can at times give you a better perspective into the character and to anyone who likes amazingly well done art. If you’re someone who can’t deal with a slow paced story which doesn’t exactly go places and/or you need a lot of animation to keep you satisfied, this is definitely not the anime for you.

To be completely honest, I wouldn’t have made it passed the first episode if I had tried watching this 3-4 years ago. I had much less patience then.

Time for the silent staredown

Overall: 8

Light, fluffy and detailed art. Great everyday conversations and total slice of life anime with a 100% female cast.


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  1. Ever mention… Theyre sisters. But ya I agree.

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