My Sassy Girl

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This machine is broken, I promise!

Go watch this Korean movie. My Sassy Girl is everything you’d want from a romantic comedy and it even omits anything you wouldn’t want! Read on only if you’re not convinced, because this is time you’re wasting, which could be used much more wisely by watching My Sassy Girl. she breathing?

Watching My Sassy Girl for the first time is like trying ice cream for the first time. “What the fuck? Why didn’t anyone tell me this existed when I was born?!” Another comparison can be summed up easily, “Why did I even waste time watching all those other romantic comedies when I could have been watching and rewatching this instead?” Simply put, if you even remotely ever liked a romantic movie or a romantic comedy movie, you’ll enjoy the sass out of this movie.

This is the movie that launched Gianna Jun’s career. She’s an amazing and beautiful actress and this movie utilizes her perfectly. If you aren’t a fan of Gianna Jun or don’t know who she is, you’ll become a fan after watching this movie.

Maybe I’m being too biased but the first time I saw this movie resulted in my mind being blown. It was a while back but I can remember my exact emotions after the movie ended. I felt an unrelenting joy and happiness for life, it was one of those rare moments when you feel like all the planets have aligned and you could see not the brightest light, but the warmest and most loving light. I had laughed through the movie, the funny moments aren’t packed in there but there are enough hilarious scenes, scenarios and lines to keep the pace going.

Pow, right in the kisser!

There was a time where I felt I had watched a long time but it didn’t feel like it was near the end. When I checked how far I’d gotten, I found I was only slightly more than half way through. Usually, this feeling and realization would be depressing but when it came to this movie I just felt much more compelled.

My Sassy Girl starts off slow….until the girl in the train shows up. Shit hits the fan and the male lead is thrown out of whack. She isn’t just sassy, oh no, she is much more than that. She’s a babe who won’t tolerate bullshit and throughout the movie she shows her uninhibited and dominating personality. My Sassy Girl shows you that life isn’t something you watch or ride out, it’s something you need to take command of and live to your full potential, happiness and enjoyment.

If you haven’t realized already, go fucking watch this movie. It’s 2 hours of what movies are for.

Dear lord, I thank thee for thy bountiful feast

Overall: 10

Funny, romantic and actually true, a story that warms your heart.


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