Kurogane no Linebarrels pulls off annoying splendidly

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come at me, bro

Kurogane no Linebarrels, also known as Linebarrels of Iron is the most annoying anime I’ve seen yet. I don’t know what exactly kept me going but somehow I got passed the most annoying part of KuroLine, the beginning. KuroLine isn’t exactly a bad anime but there are situations and characters that will make you rage. The beginning was concentrated rage content which somehow plays into the story later on.

he definitely deserves this

KuroLine starts with the whiniest, stupidest and most cowardly main character possible. After this shit stain gains super powers by dying once from being crushed by a giant mecha that randomly falls out of the sky, he becomes the cockiest, stupidest(this never changes throughout the whole series) and most loudmouth “hero of justice” you’ll ever see. His lines incite unbridled anger within you but you after the first episode, you realize that they deliberately made him an asshole so that they could get him to grow on you later in the series. Well, I could see where they wanted to take this and why they would want to do his character progression this way but it utterly failed. I hated the main character so much I kept putting off watching KuroLine but eventually coming back because I knew they were going to change him. Yet, he never really changes. Sure, he becomes less of an arrogant prick but he’s still the same mentally challenged violent one liner he has always been. It seems his only line is “I’m the hero of justice!” or some shit like that while he trashes the city he’s fighting in. /rant

Alright, now that I’m done talking about the worst character in KuroLine I think it’s a good time to mention that KuroLine has quite a few good characters to cover the slack of the worst main character known to man. Emi is cute and immediately amazing despite the fact she somehow magically falls in love with the aforementioned shit stain. She was one of the deeper characters in KuroLine and her complexity makes her shine. Yajima was an amazing character in the beginning but he later becomes almost as stupid as the main character. I don’t understand why the story using Yajima like this later on while giving a half assed excuse as to why he changes almost completely. Luckily, I can forgive Yajima’s later antics because he was at least one of the better characters in the beginning. I liked Miu because she’s the type of female character I’m into, even if she was very one dimensional. The last character I want to talk about is Ishigami. He was the funniest character and the pillar for the anime. Strong, smart and willing to sacrifice himself for his ideals. Ishigami knew how to lead people and totally annoy them to death. He was great and he got most of my laughs, which is definitely a good thing.

beach scene time!

The story is all over the place. Characters change personalities and do crazy shit they normally wouldn’t do as if they were bipolar. Sure, they foreshadowed the event but many times their actions didn’t reflect their personalities at all. Then, after they do whatever it is that moves the story along they rejoin the group as if they didn’t just screw everything up while everyone is just like, “why did you do that?! Oh, well anyway let’s go have a cup of tea!”

KuroLine wasn’t a complete pitfall, otherwise I would have dropped this long ago. It’s entertaining, in a way. KuroLine tries so hard to be original but ends up just like the rest. The animation is quite good and the action scenes are usually done well. The art is a bit odd at first but you will grow into it. Don’t expect any witty dialogue. Most of the shouted lines from the main character are practically the same but some of the characters offer a relief with their thoughtful lines.

I’d recommend KuroLine to those who enjoy Mecha anime paired with boobs practically throwing themselves on the main character. There are funny times and there are good times in this anime but my god, the rage moments felt countless and after I finished watching KuroLine, I feel like I am walking away with nothing but less time in my life. This is an anime to watch if you have time which needs to be wasted or if you’re into this type of punishment. It’s got Ecchi, it’s got some cute girls, a lot of action and a plot that practically jumps from one place to another.

let me handle it, I'm dumb as shit!

Overall: 6

Annoying as hell in the beginning, shitty main character, cute girls and ecchi moments combined with plenty of action scenes make for a mixed but overall average viewing. Nothing ground breaking and ultimately a shallow experience. Honestly, I’d rate KuroLine lower but I did enjoy watching it and there are good characters who somehow balance out the scale.


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