Summer Wars – is love in the air?

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Ozma is boss

I wanted to love Summer Wars because the animation is simply amazing. Yet, I found myself nitpicking at the art direction. I didn’t like the art but I did like most everything else about Summer Wars. SW is a long adventure into the life of a growing boy and the technology that affects us.

Wrong, I am boss

I don’t have too much to say about SW. It was good but not greatly entertaining. The story is well done and the dialogue well written. Natsuki is a mysterious character who later grows on you. She starts off a bit too close and clingy only to become distant almost immediately. That feeling of separation and loneliness is well done within SW. Later, Natsuki blossoms into a woman anyone would love to be with. Kenji is what I thought he would be, at least, he was until he mans up. He starts off as the loser male lead that most anime seem to stick with. Yet, as events unfold and he finds that his choices are either “Leap or Sit your ass back down”, he finds the courage within himself not only to leap but to trust his instincts to take him where he needs to go. It’s nice to see a male lead who can get things done when it comes to mental tasks.

There were many more characters but the last character I want to touch on is Love Machine and Technology. The Technology plays a major role in SW. Technology is what connects us, what helps us and what binds us. When Love Machine shuts all that down and gains control, everything that connected us and helped us became what bound us. This is why it’s dangerous to have a central hub for everything. If these renegade cyber warriors hadn’t fought against Love Machine within the virtual world, those in the real world would have been in mortal danger.

Get off my lawn!

SW is a great take on what can go wrong and it is also about why we shouldn’t give up.

Most movies and series, including american and anime have pretty shit endings these days. SW doesn’t care about this trend, the ending is solid and honestly very cute.

Give this a try if you’re interested in a well written story that has been executed correctly. The strong dialogue will pull you in and as you leave, you’ll remember the characters, whom aren’t just 2D impressions. Yes, try this if you want a sweet romantic undercurrent or even some amazing action sequences. I recommend this to anyone who enjoys anime, this isn’t something you want to miss.

It's not?

Overall: 8.5

Not my cup of tea art, great animation, story and some strong characters.


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