Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-Chan 1 and 2 review

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Dokuro-chan has 8 episodes and Dokuro-chan 2 has 4. Each episode is only 13 minutes long so this is a relatively short series. Both seasons are practically the same so I’ve decided to do just one review for both. I’d just like to warn you that some of the pictures are extremely ecchi and most likely NSFW.

This won't end well

Dokuro-chan is insanely ridiculous. It’s so ridiculous, in fact, that it’s amazing. You could say Dokuro-chan is purely random, yet, I dislike using random as a way to describe a series. A better term would be “WTF” type humor. You’ll laugh as you watch Dokuro-chan while your brain asks the question, “What the fuck just happened?”. You probably just lowered your IQ watching Dokuro-chan but I mean that in a good way… Everyone needs to have some free time to relax and take it easy, Dokuro-chan helps you do this. There are too many stressed people out there, in this great big world and each one of them would do well to find something that can take away all that tension. This may help, it may not, humor is subjective and so is entertainment.

Eye patches are the new sexy

Dokuro-chan never once becomes serious, this is an anime about being as crazy as possible. The story is barely coherent, yet, the first time I laid eyes upon Dokuro-chan, I knew this wasn’t an anime about the story. It’s an anime that relies heavily on humor and ridiculous characters. The characters are so absurd that they are lovable.

There is blood and gory visuals throughout Dokuro-chan. In fact, there is so much blood you could probably fill a lake with it. Violence is the key to anything, especially laughter, or at least that is what this show believes.

Speed lines never looked so good

The ecchi scenes come together with the violent scenes. There is so much fan service and gory scenes that when I try to recall Dokuro-chan situations, they all consist of only these scenes. This doesn’t make Dokuro-chan bad, not at all, it’s the exact opposite. Their ultimate goal is simply to entertain you with as much crazy as they could before the episode was over. They know why you’re watching Dokuro-chan, it’s because you wanted this. You wanted boobs, you wanted blood and you wanted an overpowered angel to smash heads open with a spiked bludgeon in her attempt at hiding her embarrassment. You wanted crazy.

Anyone who is open minded needs to give this a try. Don’t expect anything stellar, just great animation, ecchi and violence. If you need a laugh and you’re not afraid of anything, what are you waiting for? Go watch Dokuro-chan! Regret is overrated anyway.

*note: The last 3 screens are from Dokuro-chan 2. Dokuro-chan 2 is more ecchi than the first series.

She sees seashells

Overall: 9

Ridiculous and full of wtf moments, you’ll either laugh your head off or wonder why you took my recommendation. Plenty of blood coupled with even more fan service, you’ll wonder how they fit so much of it in a 13 minute episode. The humor may be crude but the execution is flawless.

That is a fuckin' home run right there


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