The Sacred Blacksmith was a great letdown

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Was fanservice the only reason to watch The Sacred Blacksmith?

The Sacred Blacksmith seems like it would be great just from the name alone. Yet, it includes well done art and animations with some great action scenes. Why, then, was I entirely unimpressed and left with a bitter aftertaste?

Yep, cute girls + fanservice = we have a fanbase! right?

SB starts off with an air of potential. The first episode goes from hopeful beginning to a mediocre finish. After the first episode ends, even though it wasn’t exactly strong, a spark of something great could be seen. As you go on to watch the next episode and the ones after that, you start to wonder what it was you saw in SB. The story never seems to pull itself together nor does it surprise you. The characters are not only underdeveloped, they remain two dimensional arch types of other characters you’ve seen elsewhere. Most of the characters feel like bare bone skeletons who’ve been pieced together in haste and given a script to belt out. As the characters muck about in the first half of the series, they take a back seat during the second half of the series as more “action” dilutes the time and the storyline becomes butchered.

What if we put cute girls into cute costumes?! Dude, you're a friggin' genius!

SB definitely had potential but for some reason the potential never reared its head again. SB is purely a downhill ride. You start at the top of a small hill, you look around to see bright green pastures and the sun shining brightly high in the sky. The ride moves slowly down the small hill with the same type of scenery which never seems to change. Then you notice that the sun is dipping into the ground, that bright light slowly leaves. There is no great sunset, simply a gradual dimming of light until the dull darkness takes over. You feel doom, you look around to the same green pastures which are still oddly empty with scant a flower or even a rock.  As you reach the bottom of the hill you realize that although the ride started as something fresh and slightly empty, it never became much else. The ride became stale with its steady descent overlooking an empty scenery. When the ride ends a question forms inside your mind, “Is that it?”.

Sadly, yes, that is it. There’s nothing to take with you from start to finish. The story is empty of any redemption, the characters are lifeless and dull. The “major” events felt contrived and unreasonable. SB was barely enjoyable, barely entertaining and simply not fun to watch. Sure, the art and animation was great and there were many “cute” characters and moments.Yet, SB is an anime that is supposed to be based around telling an epic story, an epic adventure, this isn’t a show that was focused solely on cuteness.

I don’t recommend this to anyone who is looking for a good story. If you need something to watch and you’re interested in the art, give it a try. SB is watchable but it feels like an empty experience. You probably won’t remember the story after finishing the series, I sure didn’t.

New cute girl, check. Obedient, check. I think that's everything

Overall: 6

Tasteless and dull while containing some cute girls in a story that never really advances. Even the ending was terribad.


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