Hoshi no Samidare or Lucifer and Biscuit Hammer

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Omg the chosen one is psychotic!

Samidare(aka Lucifer and Biscuit Hammer) is a 10 volume manga which I feel needs more visibility. Samidare is about a guy who wakes up to find a lizard in his room. This lizard proceeds to speak. Uttering such nonsense as, “Save the world” “Find the princess” and “I’m a lizard knight”. This guy’s name is Yuuhi and he’s totally unfazed by the lizard that no one but he can see. Now, keep in mind that this is only the very beginning and things really develop as you read. Samidare is hopelessly addicting and honestly epic in scope and breadth.

If you like awesome flowy capes, follow me!

Half the awesomeness comes from the great characters, which there are plenty of. They all have their reasons to fight, their reasons to live. Each character is unique with an adjacent power. They feel very mortal and human. Yuuhi is an antihero of sorts but he’s wholly likeable, diligent and smart. He’s no pushover and he has the determination and will to see his plans to the end. Samidare is very strong willed and has a stubborn one track mind. Unique in her thought process but easily rallies and leads. Yayoi is easily my favorite character along with Yuuhi. She’s righteous, smart and rational. Her reactions great, her mindset firm. There are plenty of other characters who are amazing in their own ways with their little quirks but that’s for you to discover.

Look what I can do!

The story is really well thought out and makes you think of your bonds with others. Can a ragtag team come together to save the world from a giant hammer from cracking the earth like an egg? Samidare easily conveys a sense of hope along with a heaping plate of humor. You can’t read Samidare without smiling!

Anyone who is an avid manga fan needs to read Samidare, you’ll love it. Those of you who are into anime and have yet to take a step out into the realm of manga should put Samidare into their sights. This is a good manga to start with. It’s easily lovable, addicting and not text heavy. The art starts out great and becomes even more refined.

Or unclothe yourself, whichever, doesn't matter, really...

Overall: 10

An experience no one should miss. Funny at the right times, serious at the best times and Exciting at all times.


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