Ga-rei the manga

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Hey good lookin'

Ga-rei(The Enchained Spiritual Beast) has ghosts, swords and cute girls.

Stop this instant!

Oh, you need to know more? Really? The art is pretty good…especially when it comes to the cute girls! Alright, goodnight!

What a nice view

Huh? You need to know even more than that? Why? I thought everyone had the same list when it came to watching movies, reading manga, living life.

1. Cute girls

End of list, right?

Fuck you, I just want to get some sleep!

Fine, so there’s like ghosts, right? and they want to fucking eat your faces, ok? Now this dude, the main character, dumbshit or something, he’s really good at seeing ghosts and sensing supernatural stuff. One day he meets a girl and he totally wants to bang her and then he gets tangled up in some shit with ghosts that are super good at eating faces and helps her out. Turns out she hunts ghosts that are good at eating faces and he joins them cause that’s the way inside her pants. Oh, did I mention this girl can summon a giant ghost wolf that eats ghosts? Alright so more stuff happen, a city explodes, etc.

If you want to read Ga-rei, go ahead. It’s entertaining, it’s fun but it’s not super catchy. I have a hunch it’s just me that didn’t love Ga-rei but it’s likeable. Really enjoyable art, awesome and cute girls…worth at least 10 minutes of your time to check it out.

Slumber party!

Overall: 8

An entertaining read but not all that addicting. Found myself reading other manga and finishing them before coming back to this.


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