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He's a vampire!

SWOT is a three volume manga with only 20 chapters. There’s also a oneshot but it’s basically the same thing. SWOT is a typical Shounen type manga. A story that barely makes sense, gratuitous amount of fight scenes with wall shattering “martial arts”. Also, buxom girls that are later added to try and garner attention…the mangaka drew some great girls but couldn’t save his manga. It looks to have been canceled early, the story kept hinting at a long series but ultimately rushed to an ending.


This story has been done plenty of times before. Super strong male lead becomes stronger as he takes on bigger obstacles. In this case, fighting delinquents so that he can “study in peace”. There’s the weak male tag along who is simply tasked with being annoying and leading the male lead to his love interest when she’s about to get a beat down. The love interest has big boobs and likes to cause trouble but she’s totally interested in him too.

Kapow in the face

Now, don’t get me wrong. SWOT isn’t a bad manga, at least not in my book. Sure, the story is all over the place but it was entertaining. Great art and some great girls, definite plus. There isn’t any realism in this manga but honestly, if you’re into anime and manga I doubt you’re here for realistic stories. The fight scenes range from well done to “god that’s dumb”. So dumb, in fact that some of the fight scenes made me laugh. I don’t think it was intended as humor but I’ll take my humor wherever I can get it.

I’ll admit that half the reason I stuck with SWOT was for the girls. I’m a horndog and there’s nothing wrong with that. It was apparent that the mangaka was in danger of having his manga cancelled which is why he introduced super powers as an element of the fights and gave the girls more of a spotlight. This didn’t help him, however and the manga was cut short at 20 chapters.

SWOT is worth a quick read if you’re not looking for a deep story. Just silly fun and girls.

Can't blame them

Overall: 8

Moderately entertaining, great art and somewhat funny. A shallow shounen story but I went into SWOT expecting just that.

New reason to go to the hospital


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