Vampire Juujikai (Record of a Fallen Vampire) manga review

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Hello, I'm count Dracula

Vampire Juujikai is all about the story. The art is shoujo-esque but not bad by any means. I’m not a huge fan of shoujo art styles but Juujikai’s art style is tolerable. This manga isn’t about the violence or the action, it’s all about the amazing story and the great characters. Those should be your reasons for reading Vampire Juujikai.

Red definitely suits her

There were times when I got bored reading through Juujikai but it’s a story that is really well written and I hope that more people give Juujikai a chance.

You’ve never seen vampires like this before! Or…maybe you have but I doubt they portrayed vampires as well as this manga and I’m willing to bet they weren’t able to make vampires feel so…human, except for the living for thousands of years part.

Juujikai starts out simple but quickly builds upon its foundations to make a platform on which the mangaka displays his skills by twisting and turning until you’re wary of what’s to come. Oh, but I mean that in the best way possible. One minute it’s about traveling to different locations the next minute you’ve got a time skip which leaves you a bit bewildered but the mangaka quickly fixes that by…throwing more twists at you! Ah, maybe I’m making this sound worse than it actually is because all these twists are actually fun, well thought out and implemented correctly to make a smooth and satisfying finish for an imaginative story. At least, as imaginative as any vampire story is ever going to get.

I think you can tell I'm biased from the pictures I choose

If you’re here because the title has the word “vampire” in it and you’re all “twilight is the vampire opus”, well, fuck you. No, Juujikai isn’t anything like Twilight nor should you go into Juujikai expecting shiny vampires. Juujikai is an imaginative retelling of vampires trying to integrate into the human world. Juujikai is about the flaws of both humans and vampires and it’s a manga designed to make us think about the hypocrisy of our world.

If you want a good story, whether they contain vampires or not is irrelevant, give Juujikai a try. I promise you won’t be disappointed, just don’t give up early. I almost stopped early because it’s not the type of art I’m into but as I continued, I found a story which continually surprised me with its complexity and care.

Holding hands has never been so in!

Overall: 8.5

Mediocre art and a slow start lowered the score a bit but Juujikai brings you on a journey, addicting and insightful.

and to all a goodnight



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    Note 7.2/10. The Fallen Vampire is a Documentary, Biography, History TV Movie of 2007 made in France, Romania, Austria, Germany, Netherlands. Director: Florin IepanCast: Bela Lugosi…

    • This was a review of Record of a Fallen Vampire the manga, also named Vampire Juujikai. I’m sorry but I don’t know about the 2007 documentary.

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