Beelzebub the ova underwhelms as expected

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Rattle of face bending legend

Beelzebub (Hirotta Akachan wa Daimaou!?) is an ova which is 30 minutes long and typical shounen fare without the humor. I don’t know if it’s whether I’ve already read the manga and the fact that I knew everything that was coming or simply that the anime failed on the comedic front. Beelzebub doesn’t fail to deliver the copious amounts of unrealistic violence, though, which could be good or bad depending on your view and viewing mood.

Falling in love is easy

I’d recommend the manga, in fact, even though the manga isn’t complete I will do a review for it soon simply because I can and it’ll be easier for me. I barely remember most of the manga and anime I’ve seen so I have to look through lists and pick one out and search my dimly lit brain for remnants of what could be called memories. When I find that I barely remember a thing about my pick I usually end up throwing it back and looking through the list once again. When I find something worth reviewing or if I have strong enough memories about it to write something up I then have to wonder how the heck I’m going to organize these pieces of shattered memories. Luckily I read Beelzebub not too long ago so the review should come easier than most of the others I’ve written. Lack of detail in my reviews usually stems from the fact I don’t want to spoil too much for you, the reader, who most likely hasn’t gotten the time to read or watch what I’ve reviewed. Fuck me and my ramblings.

Beelzebub(ova) just didn’t deliver the laughs. They crammed volumes worth of material into one episode, probably in hopes of getting you interested in the upcoming(now airing) tv series. I don’t see the point of spoiling the story only to redo it in a longer format.Whether you’ve read the manga or not, the ova simply doesn’t bring that extra something to the table. It is underwhelming, convoluted and average. They stuffed everything into one episode so that they’d have a bunch of action while attempting to emulate a couple gags from the manga without any effect. A shallow experience overall.

If you’re into the over the top action that practically never stops then I guess Beelzebub is worth something to you. If you’re a fan of the manga you may want to try it out simply for an animated version. I wouldn’t recommend you watch the ova when the tv series is currently airing. Why spoil some of the characters and events? The tv series could be good or bad compared to the ova but I think it’s worth the wait, especially since the ova is completely average in all respects. Let’s hope that the tv series surpasses the bar that the ova has set.

Pfft, whatevs

Overall: 7

Average shounen ova that is convoluted. Action oriented when this should have been a comedy based show.


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