Capcom likes to fuck with us

February 19, 2011 at 3:54 am | Posted in Rants | 2 Comments

It's too bad Cyclops isn't in MvC3 but this isn't why I hate Capcom

Fuck Capcom.

Capcom follows Activision in their quest to take every penny a fan may potentially have. Both these publishers simply want to milk their franchises for all they’re worth before killing them.

Here’s a link to why Activision sucks. (Reddit thread) (Picture or IGN)

In short: Release the same game with different songs multiple times each year until sales plummet. Disband Studio afterward. Along with the studio responsible for DJ Hero at the same time. Not to mention Bizarre Creations which was just recently closed.

Capcom follows the same strategy with different tactics. I bought the Resident Evil 5 collector’s edition when it first came out. Paid full price only to find out a gold version with more content was coming out in one year.(March 13, 2009 and March 9, 2010) Fine, once isn’t a big deal, right? Street Fighter 4 comes out and me, the sucker shells out full price for  the collector’s edition, again. Once again the same game with more content is released at a later date called Super Street Fighter 4.(Feb 12, 2009 and April 27, 2010) Well, I’m not happy but I go on my merry way without buying either of the “new” games. I mean I should have expected a Super Street Fighter since that franchise DOES have a history of being rereleased.

Here comes Marvel VS Capcom 3. Gameplay shows up on Youtube and I’m stoked as hell but this time I’m more cautious about preorders so I decide I’ll wait this one out from the beginning. What pisses me off the most about MvC3 is the fact that they decided to go backwards. Drastically less characters, why? Simple, release 2 characters at a time as “DLC”, that way they can continue to charge us after we’ve already paid for the game. As if this was somehow worth the money. Because they’ve taken out so many characters they won’t have trouble finding characters to add back into the game. Fantastic. I’m positive Capcom will rerelease MvC3 with more content just like they’ve been doing with their other established franchises, after they’ve milked enough money through DLC, of course. They’ll just keep releasing the same games multiple times and fans will continue to rebuy.

While looking around r/gaming someone mentioned Okami, which reminded me of Capcom’s practices and reaffirmed my suspicions that Capcom is just another Activision. After Okami’s release Capcom closed the studio, despite the games success and overall greatness. Later they rerelease Okami for the Wii to milk an IP they destroyed right after its inception.

Here are some other reasons why I refuse to pay full price for MvC3. (Reddit post)

I think I have enough patience to wait until it costs next to nothing.

To reiterate, fuck Capcom.



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