Kurenai the series shows its serious side

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You better be, you jerk!

Kurenai (Kure-nai) feels like a serious show and indeed it is. Yet, there are elements of the story that I just can’t take seriously. Kurenai starts off strong and transitions into a good middle ground but somehow fails the move towards the end. The ending is what left a sour taste and something which could have been done correctly and made Kurenai an anime to remember. The ending is what drags Kurenai down into the “forgettable” lane and simply something I can’t take seriously. I guess that’s my only gripe with Kurenai.

Such a heartbreaking scene. *sniffle*

Random thoughts & rant:

I really enjoyed Kurenai, maybe because I’m weak to cute things or maybe it’s the immediate bond of loneliness the two main characters share resonates with me. The beginning was amazing and easily addicting. If it wasn’t for the ending I doubt I would have bothered to finish Kurenai. I had already gotten so invested that I couldn’t stop watching even though the last couple episodes were such a letdown. In a sense, I enjoyed the journey but not the destination.

Murasaki is just too cute. Her adorableness is what draws you into Kurenai but not what keeps you there. Her antics funny and her speech is old fashioned but her ignorance to the real world is what shows she’s just a kid. One who has been sheltered for the sake of their own “family”. The story gets really weird later on, which is one of the reasons I disliked the story but definitely not the main reason. Heck, if it was just the weird story I wouldn’t have hated the ending so much nor would I be able to hold it against Kurenai because I’m not against weird stories. Still, some of the themes and reasonings are weird and can be off putting.

Murasaki is a complex yet simple character, if that makes any sense. Shinkurou is kind of simple but luckily he has a past which holds him down and was something that gave him fuel. There are a bunch of characters in Kurenai but the anime doesn’t expand on any of them.

Nothing could go wrong...

I really wanted to love Kurenai and I really wanted Kurenai to speak to me but right after passing the middle of the anime many elements kept coming up which continually made Kurenai worse. I know I’m repeating myself but whenever I think back to what I felt through my watch of Kurenai it is always a great feeling of happiness upon starting Kurenai and breezing through to the midway point only to feel letdown as I watched through the second half. It’s a really disappointing feeling to realize that you’ve watched something great lose focus and fail.


Kurenai’s art is good and the animation can be good at times. Some of the characters are very enjoyable but some of their personalities don’t match their skillsets.

A good story turns weird as you find out more about Murasaki’s reason to escape and hide.

At first I thought Kurenai would be a pretty deep story but it became just another run of the mill shallow story.


Anyone seeking a moderately good anime should give Kurenai a try. Kurenai isn’t a bad anime, it’s a good anime that ends badly. Anyone who likes a serious shounen story that doesn’t overdo it with the action and focuses a bit more on the main characters and character interactions. Kurenai really gets the emotions flowing which is a pretty impressive feat.

Oh my!

Overall: 8
Very entertaining first half and disappointing second half. Worth a try if you’re looking for something different from the typical fare these days.


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