Team Medical Dragon – Ongoing Manga Recommendation

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Ready for work

Today I’m starting something new…sort of. This isn’t really a review, more of an open recommendation to an ongoing manga.

Team Medical Dragon is superb. If you like serious medical dramas, you’re going to love Team Medical Dragon, guaranteed. Heck, even if you’re not a fan of medical dramas, after reading this there’s a good chance you’ll be one of the converted. Before reading this, I never paid much attention to medical manga but after getting a dose of this manga a year or two ago, suddenly I was on the hunt for medical manga.

Cue Inception music

The tension in each chapter is palpable, the emotions real, the plot is compelling. You won’t want to stop after picking up Team Medical Dragon. This is a true masterpiece of a manga. The art starts off good, becomes better over time and eventually blossoms into godly beauty.

All the characters are different, unique. Believable and driven by a past which will be delved into later on in the series. Team Medical Dragon isn’t a complete work but it’s something anyone who enjoys manga and mature storytelling should pick up.

Anyone old enough to view short scenes of nudity or mature content would do themselves a favor by taking 20 minutes out of their day and giving Team Medical Dragon a chance. Afterward, you’ll dream of Team Medical Dragon, it’s that powerful.

She is the definitive bombshell of the series

Overall: 10

I did say this wasn’t a review but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to include my score.


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