Saijou no Meii – Ongoing Series Recommendation

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Saijou no Meii is complete at 11 volumes but isn’t completely scanlated yet, which is why I consider it to be “ongoing”. This is more a recommendation than a review but this should be considered the review for Saijou until it’s actually complete and I can give a full review.

I decided to recommend Saijou no Meii next because it’s also a medical “drama” but it’s completely and utterly different from Team Medical Dragon. They’re both good in their own way but Saijou no Meii is much more about comedy and never takes itself seriously.

You can tell by her hair color

Saijou’s tone and mood are completely different from TMD but they are both amazing reads. If you want to try something funny and still have that medical drama vibe, Saijou is definitely what you’re looking for. If you’ve ever read “Yakitate Japan” then you’ll know what to expect from Saijou. The mangaka for both those series is the same and the humor is in the same vein. Personally, I’m a huge fan of Hashiguchi’s works and humor but I doubt it’s for everyone.

This is a much lighter read than TMD, focused on humor and telling a serious medical story about why Japanese hospital systems are so outdated and wrong. Plenty of interesting characters to learn about here but keep in mind that some of them will be ridiculous.

Evil never hides

Overall: 10

As I’ve stated, I’m a huge fan of Hashiguchi’s humor, which is why I loved Saijou no Meii so much but if it weren’t for the humor in Saijou, I would never have rated it this highly. Team Medical Dragon is definitely the superior medical drama but this is a much lighter read which will crack you up from time to time.

New character has appeared!


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