Akikan! means “empty can”

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Melon Sodas these days are pretty sexy

Akikan! is a 12 episode anime centered around a harem plot. Kakeru, the main character is a hobbyist who collects cans…one day he drinks from a melon soda can but to his surprise…THE CAN TURNS INTO A HUMAN. Huh? Yea, the first episode doesn’t really make sense…then again, the anime itself barely made much sense either. Something about cans fighting each other and something…I don’t remember much about this anime. It was pretty forgettable. I guess empty can can also mean empty memories.

My dolphin can pew pew you

The only reason I got through this anime was the fact that I enjoyed the tone of the anime. The tone was light, subdued and silly. Silly was exactly what I wanted at that time and I’m always up for a light viewing so I just kept watching and watching even though I could barely remember what the last episode contained.

Akikan! suffers from mediocre art and bad animating. There just isn’t much animation in Akikan! and when there is…usually the animation is subpar. The voice acting was fine and I thought the characters were more parodies of other characters, which was liked.

I'd be satisfied too

When watching anime you usually don’t give a shit about the plot because it’s usually crazy; Akikan! doesn’t disappoint on this front. The story sounds unique on paper but while watching Akikan! you realize it’s a rehash of every other harem anime, only difference being the girls are cans.

I’d only recommend Akikan! to hardcore anime viewers who won’t be weirded out by the plot and only if they’re bored to death and don’t mind watching something mindless that will blend into all the other harem anime in their brain…if they can even retain memories of what they watched because I sure couldn’t.

The mischievious melon soda

Overal: 7

Akikan! is watchable because of the tone, otherwise, it’s just another mediocre harem anime. A fun watch that will slightly numb your brain.


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