Pokemon Black and White now with 10 dollar credit on Amazon

March 2, 2011 at 1:55 am | Posted in Rants | 2 Comments

Originally, I wasn’t going to buy Pokemon Black. The last Pokemon game I played was Pokemon Blue, plus, the last handheld system I bought was gameboy color…so yea, I haven’t been keeping up with the handheld market. Recently I’ve been pondering the idea of buying a DSi XL because there are a couple of games I wanted to play. I think the only reason I held off on buying a handheld was the fact that Nintendo seemed to be releasing a new handheld often, too often for me anyway. I saw some awesome deals for the DSi XL and almost bought it but I held back, unfortunately.

So there I was…faced with a nice deal on a game I wanted to play but didn’t plan to buy, at least not any time soon. $10 credit at Amazon, I couldn’t pass it up. Now…I’ve bought it but there’s one problem, I still don’t have a DSi XL! The 3DS is coming out soon…I could buy that but seriously, that’s an $80 difference. I’m stuck right now, should I just preorder the 3DS? Should I buy the DSi XL and forgo the wait for a deal? Right now I’m set on waiting for a deal but I’m wavering…I hope Amazon will just relent and give me a nice deal on the DSi XL as well. Just a little rant I guess, and of course to bring your attention to this sweet deal that I couldn’t bring myself to pass up…even though I don’t own the dang console to play the game!

Personally, I picked the black version.

Pokemon Black and White on Amazon.



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  1. You do it well, my friend. xD
    You played Pkmn Blue and now Blck? WoW that’s a hard change, doesn’t it? xDDD But its a coool change xDDD
    I think you could have waited for 3DS but nowadays you must have the XL, right? xD No prob. 3DS its super-expensive and there’re already no games cool right now. And the screen of XL is awesome xDD I think you have done correctly.
    Somethink else, I’m doing a blog of searching blogs&forums and I catch yours. I hope you don’t mind. I only refer your blog and add the link. That’s it XDD
    So well, i like the blog so much. I return to watch your evolve XD
    (sorry for the bad english… im from spain xD)

    • Hey there, thanks for your comment!

      Yes, I went from blue to black. It’s a pretty big difference. There were so many improvements to the Pokemon formula. I was completely overwhelmed. I finally caved in and bought an XL. Definitely the right choice. I love my XL and right when I got it I started playing Black obsessively. I recently got passed level 40 with all my pokemon. I haven’t been playing as much lately because I’ve started watching anime again but I play Black on and off. I keep getting frustrated because there are so many random encounters in the caves.

      I don’t mind at all. I haven’t tried to promote my blog yet because there are still a couple things I wish to implement before I try and get more page views. Hopefully I evolve into a Butterfree? Haha.

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