Bio-Meat: Nectar offers shounen type story with maturity

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As in stop being within range of my eyesight.

Bio-Meat: Nectar maybe a bit shounen but it matures as a story. BM is 12 volumes long. Definitely worth a try because of the addictive story and likeable characters. There’s alot of typical shounen fare but that’s something I enjoy.

It's life's fault.

Biomeat is about a new type of “animal” which was created to fix the food shortage problem. BM, as they’re called are great as a food source but of course, there’s a downside. BM have 0 intelligence and 0 preference, BM is an animal programmed to eat and reproduce. They can’t eat glass or metal but everything else is fare game, including humans. So when BM are unleashed upon the world…well, think of zombies….except worse.

BM focuses on a couple characters. The story starts off with them as gradeschoolers(if I remember correctly) and through the later arcs they appear as highschoolers, etc. So don’t let the young characters in the beginning get in the way of enjoying this manga because I almost dropped it thinking it was another manga with too young youngsters. I plowed on and was rewarded with a story that definitely wasn’t forgettable. There are some moments in the manga that will stand out after you’re done reading, you’ll go over it and think, “Yea, that was really well thought out”.

There was one character I really disliked in the second or third arc…don’t remember his name and I don’t care enough to look it up. He was basically a whiny kid who slowly grows after the story picks him up later. I think it was due to his early shit impression that got me to hate him no matter what but he was the only eyesore in the manga.

Which part where you referring?

The art is a bit dated but if you’re willing to look passed it, it’ll grow on you eventually. As you get addicted the manga continues to pull you on without stop. The survival type hooks are what kept me going and going.

Imagine you’re floating, well, what feels like floating. You’re actually falling but you’ve been falling your whole life, you simply never noticed this because it’s been there since birth. As you fall through the different stages of your life there was always something that kept you going. Maybe it was your curiosity with what it would feel like to be an adult, imagining what it felt like to get drunk, dreaming of how awesome and free driving would be, wanting to reconnect with friends from highschool as you wonder what they’re up to in life, what the next job you should pursue should be, wondering what your father thought of…and where you should go from where you are now, how you can make it there, the why and the when…Yes, those hooks. I won’t say BM’s hooks are as great as these but they were good enough to keep me and my short attention span around for the ride. If there’s one thing I remember from BM, it will probably be memories of finishing a chapter, seeing the time say 5 am and then thinking, “Well, just one more chapter won’t hurt” and continuing to read 10-20 more chapters while thinking this each and every time.

Think of the children!!!

Overall: 8

Very enjoyable read, once addicted the hooks won’t let go.


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