Nineteen, Twenty-One

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No, “Nineteen, Twenty-One” isn’t about that year, those are the ages of the two protagonists. Two cat lovers who meet, both facing the fulcrum of life. Continue Reading Nineteen, Twenty-One…



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Yea, my broom style is deadly.

Kenji is a 21 volume manga about martial arts, growing up and taking a journey. I started reading this manga a while ago but it wasn’t complete then. It finally finished recently and I got back into Kenji very easily. Kenji is an addicting adventure romp with enough action to ensnare your interest from beginning to end. Continue Reading Kenji…

A quick note

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From Grave of the Fireflies, saddest movie ever.

Just a quick note here before I write my review. I won’t be updating daily anymore, this will become a week or every two week cycle. Continue Reading A quick note…


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Looking for something?

Cencoroll is a short 25 minute “movie”. It’s alot of fun to watch and has some amazing animation. Continue Reading Cencoroll…

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