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Yea, my broom style is deadly.

Kenji is a 21 volume manga about martial arts, growing up and taking a journey. I started reading this manga a while ago but it wasn’t complete then. It finally finished recently and I got back into Kenji very easily. Kenji is an addicting adventure romp with enough action to ensnare your interest from beginning to end.

I like your helmet, it's so shiny

Kenji starts off in elementary school but quickly advances to middle school. His righteousness and confidence gets him into trouble many times. Eventually he decides to take a journey to China to find someone dear to him, since he was suspended or something. There he learns about many different martial arts, fights many different people and makes lots of friends.

Oh geez, she's got +1 speed

Kenji the manga deals alot with human interaction, whether it’s socially or physically. Bonds can be formed through fighting, whether they’re good or bad. Through asking around and not always relying on his fighting skills, he’s able to avoid pointless fights. Friendship is on full display in this manga. This is what makes Kenji more than just a martial arts manga. It succeeds in showing that through conflicts, bonds can form. It shows that friendship and comradery is important to life. It’s not just about getting beat down and getting back up.

I’d recommend Kenji to anyone that likes martial arts, action, growing up, friendship, adventure, and just general good story telling.

Knife<Gun<Ball on a string

Overall: 9

A very addicting read about a boy who grows up learning martial arts and making friends.


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