Nineteen, Twenty-One

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No, “Nineteen, Twenty-One” isn’t about that year, those are the ages of the two protagonists. Two cat lovers who meet, both facing the fulcrum of life.

When I started reading “Nineteen, Twenty One”, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I had no idea about the story except that this was a korean webcomic. To my surprise, it was entertaining and delightful to read. The characters are interesting in their own ways. They don’t feel overly generic nor too unrealistic, they scratch these boundaries but don’t jump passed that line. The girl is introspective, we get to read her thoughts most. The male is eccentric and more action oriented. Her cautiousness and his openness plays well into the story.

Yes, right there my slaves

Cats, many cats, so many cats. I love cats, which was what raised the score one point. The main focus was the two characters, the cats and their love for cats. This web comic deals with stray cats in a mature way. They don’t try to patronize those who hate or dislike cats. The author deals with it in an understanding fashion.

Yes, this is a short review. Not too much to write about since this is a short web comic. There are only 21 chapters, each one filled with love and understanding. I recommend anyone who is looking for a romantic read or a cat filled read to consider this web comic. If you aren’t interested in either of those, this clearly isn’t for you.

Hi, my name is Romeo

Overall: 9

Love, understanding, compassion, and introspection are the name of the game here. Slow pacing but short and sweet web comic.


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