Star Driver is the definition of a guilty pleasure

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Yes Ma'am!

What is a guilty pleasure? It’s something you(or I) may like or take pleasure in but wouldn’t want others to know. It’s something we like, though it goes against our ethos. It’s something we are ashamed to like. Star Driver is all of that and more. It’s 25 episodes long and bears many trademarks of the mecha and shounen genres.


After watching the first episode. I was almost sure I wouldn’t like Star Driver. Yet, for some reason, I felt like I should continue watching it. I got through a couple episodes and my stance hadn’t changed much. Star Driver has an alright story, some good characters but it doesn’t innovate nor does it excite me. Watching Star Driver almost feels like I’m rewatching an anime I’ve seen plenty of times. Then why was I watching another episode? Why waste my time? Ah, I came to a realization. I enjoyed Star Driver, though it wasn’t absolutely exciting, though it wasn’t new and though it lacked depth. Star Driver was fun to watch, and so I continued to watch.

Hey man, do you know how much this thing costs?!

The more I watched of Star Driver, the more absorbed I became. It wasn’t addicting but Star Driver tells a good story. Most anime these days fail towards the end. They somehow completely miss their mark even when everything had been fine before then. It’s appalling to find a great anime ruined by the ending. Luckily, Star Driver showed its merit by ending on a high note. Before the ending, I considered Star Driver to be a guilty pleasure of mine, afterwards, however, I am pleased to say that Star Driver has become a definite hit and a solid anime. A well rounded package.

Star Driver could be renamed “Pretty boys have problems too!” and it’d still make sense.

I’d recommend Star Driver to fans of the mecha, action and shounen genres. I’m cautious to recommend it to anyone else but the story telling is definitely catchy so I’m sure Star Driver will be able to draw in whoever gives it a chance with an open mind.

An alligator and a woman in a bathrobe. What else do you need to know before trying Star Driver?

Overall: 9

An overall well rounded package that includes most of what shounen fans want. Starts off well, gets better towards the middle and ends with a bang.


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