Mirai no Football

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Damn, I'm on a cruise ship and there aren't any girls around me

Mirai no Football is a short 1 volume 5 chapter manga about a football(soccer) player who is thrown into the past. If the short length already doesn’t interest you, it’s safe to say you won’t be missing much. If the short summary doesn’t interest you, this probably isn’t for you. If, however, you want to know at a glance whether you want to read this short and non-time consuming manga, come inside.


MnF starts off with Mirai on a boat, lamenting his demotion. He’s immature, brattish and self centered. As you read through the manga, you’ll be introduced to better characters from an age long past. Here, football is just beginning to take hold. As Mirai learns about those around him, he starts to care about them as well, which leads to his maturing. By the end, he’s a better person because of the extraordinary circumstances he was thrust into.

The story handles football in a delicate way, trying to add some knowledge but not too much, as the focus isn’t entirely football. There’s an element of the supernatural, the time traveling. Mirai has to find his way back to his own time. MnF’s mangaka does an average job of balancing football, the time period and the thoughts of the main character about why and how he has traveled back in time.

I'm staring at you who's staring at me

MnF is entertaining but if you asked me whether I would have read this or not, knowing what I already know, my answer would be “It wouldn’t matter whether I’ve read MnF or not. There’s nothing all too great to miss nor is there anything particularly bad. MnF is short enough that I could finish it and not feel like I’ve wasted time but it feels more like the mangaka was practicing and honing her skills.” I’d recommend this to anyone who likes football, doesn’t mind time travel stories and has just a teeny tiny bit of time they want to use up.

Overall: 6

Short manga that is decent enough for a quick glance. Don’t expect to become emotionally attached or invested in the story.


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