Level E on the big screen

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Come in my room, I've got candy!

Level E was one of the manga I read in my earlier years. It was one of the funniest manga I had read at that time and definitely high on my favorites list. When I took a look at the Winter Season’s chart, I was shocked to see Level E. Shocked, excited and happy to know that Level E was finally going to get some love. It was the anime that stood out for me in the Winter 2011 chart. Level E definitely did not disappoint me but it couldn’t exceed my expectations.

Leg of the North Star

I had forgotten just about everything from Level E. It has been a long time since I’ve read Level E, I was glad to have a fresh experience through the anime. When I started watching, one thing that struck me was the art. It looked grittier than the art that anime these days have adopted. The initial impression the art left worked against Level E. As I got through the first episode, I had forgotten about my initial grievance with the art and realized that it fits the anime’s mood perfectly. Level E is a comedy but it isn’t a lighthearted romp, it’s a story driven experience.

The characters are well fleshed out. They aren’t too generic and they’re fresh enough to keep things exciting. Their lines almost always mean something or advance the story, they don’t feel like filler lines. The pacing of the anime is a bit odd, it threw me off. There were a couple things they could have detailed more in the story and some which they could have brushed over so they’d have room for some of the better moments. The pacing isn’t that bad but it felt like they focused on certain scenes too much and skipped some of the better scenes. Then again, maybe that’s how the manga was and they were following the manga faithfully, if so, then I would like to redact the previous statements.

The most badass power rangers in existance

Level E starts off strong, loses steam in the middle but ends at a great high note. Honestly, the ending is what made Level E. If the ending were any worse, I would have scored Level E one point lower. The ending really got to me and although the middle was funny and enjoyable, it wasn’t comparable to the beginning and the end.

The OP and ED were pretty good. I’d say they’re above average when compared to Winter 2011 Season’s anime, well, of the ones I’ve seen. Still, they weren’t anywhere near great and I only watched them completely twice. The OP is better than the ED, music wise, but the art in the ED has an edge over the OP.

I’d recommend this to everyone who wants to laugh, anyone who likes comedy and all those looking for an enjoyable, well thought out anime. It’s got aliens, precocious kids, a bounty hunter, baseball players, plenty of awesome ladies, and a mischievous prince who doesn’t look for trouble, but instead, makes it.

For science!

Overall: 9

Great start, amazing finish. This isn’t a laugh fest but a thoughtfully put together story with plenty of funny moments. Enjoyable throughout and worth every second.


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