Yumekui Merry is a 13 episode nightmare

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Yumekui Merry is 13 episodes long. After I’d seen the first episode, I was going to drop it. Yumekui just wasn’t entertaining, enjoyable or interesting to me. For some reason, I decided to continue, I kept thinking “Well, it can only get better, right?” No, it never offers more than what you’d expect from it after watching the first episode. Don’t get me wrong, Yumekui isn’t a bad anime but it’s not the kind of anime I like. I knew this when I tried watching Shakugan no Shana because many people seem to like it, only to find how annoyingly bad and boring it was to me. Yumekui is the same as Shakugan. If you’ve seen Shakugan, you’ll feel like you’ve seen Yumekui.

If you liked Shakugan no Shana and want something along those lines, Yumekui Merry is just the right anime for you. If you didn’t like Shakugan no Shana but you’re interested in Yumekui, well, give the first episode a try. If you don’t like the first episode, don’t continue.

There are plenty of fight scenes in Yumekui, most of which are executed in horrible fashion. They draw weird angles and close ups and cut to them one after the other as if they somehow connect. No, that’s not how a good action scene works, you don’t try to confuse the viewer or distract them with 1 second shorts cutting from here to there. Then start up a dialogue and repeat. The action scenes in Yumekui were some of the worst I’ve seen in a while. There were only two fighting scenes I liked and they were the only ones I thought were done well. Every other action scene was drawn out, confusing or badly put together. For an action anime, Yumekui is miles behind Shakugan no Shana, though Shakugan is much older than Yumekui.

My favorite fight scene from Yumekui

The plot of Yumekui sounds nice, which is why I decided to continue watching though I had a foreboding feeling and disdained the thought of watching more. If they had worked on the characters more instead of drawing out scenes as long as they could, Yumekui could have been something more. The dialogue is good at times and is horrid at others. The main character is gratingly dumb and senseless. They introduce a big boss but never get around to it, which is to say, they’ve planned a sequel for Yumekui, which I won’t touch, one season of this is enough for me.

Though I trash Yumekui so much, it wasn’t so bad that I couldn’t even stand it. There were some good spots but it never really became more than average. Yumekui was just not entertaining to me. If I had enjoyed it, I could have looked passed many faults to embellish the good. Nothing stood out and I feel like I’ve wasted alot of my time just to finish Yumekui. Luckily, Yumekui isn’t a jarbled mess, just an action anime with a bunch of girls that heads in the “we don’t need to make sense with our actions”  direction, like most anime. Heck, I can stand this if there were a couple good characters or one or two aspects which excel that I could grab onto as I took the waves of stupidity, but alas I had no foothold and was left with boredom and regret that I even decided to finish it. I kept telling myself “It’ll get better…” only to be faced at the end with “Well, it’s about to end, I might as well finish it.”

I wouldn’t recommend this to most anime fans but if you’re interested, try the first episode. If it’s to your liking, you’ll probably like the rest of the series. If not, well, Yumekui doesn’t offer much beyond what you’d expect after viewing the first episode.

Overall: 5

A generic main character in an average anime surrounded by a cast of better characters. Bad action scenes, plenty of silly lines.

-Spoilerish- highlight to read

One thing that bothered me most was that though he had this “power” he barely ever tries to use it. He never checks on his closest friend, WHOM HE LIVES WITH. If you know about the Musa or whatever they’re called, wouldn’t you keep a vigilant eye on your closest friend, whom you live with? He acts all shocked when he finds out, like it’s some type of fucking surprise where it never occurred to him she was vulnerable. Really? He never checks the sensei, ever? He’s in front of you all day and you never even bother to check after you know about Musa? There are so many “wtf, why didn’t he do this or why did he do that or even why is he reacting in this way?” moments you’ll be overwhelmed. If there were just half of those and instead he reacted in a believable way or if some situations actually made sense, I would have actually liked Yumekui Merry.


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