My intentions are clear as ice

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I don’t have many readers yet because I haven’t done much in the ways of spreading my blog. This is a good thing as I haven’t updated much these last couple weeks and I’ve become lazier and lazier. Here are some music recommendations that you now have to click and listen to. No, this isn’t a chore, this is for love of life.


Genki Sudo’s MV for World Order’s Mind Shift

Genki Sudo’s Music Video is really well done and can’t be missed. If you like the song, whether you’ve heard it or not, the music video enhances it. They gave life to a song that was already full of life.

Marasy8, if you’ve never heard of him, my god, this is a must listen. I’m a fan of all the songs he’s performed so I think it’s safe to let you choose your own. Marasy’s hands make lightning envious. Let your ears bathe in the beauty of Marasy8’s piano playing. If you want me to recommend a couple specific songs, here are a couple.

Wryyyn Leek song!…no, I don’t know the name of this song.

Red Zone, Destiny?, Flowering Nights?(from comments on youtube), Two Faced Lovers

It was hard for me to pick and choose a couple but I doubt you will be disappointed by my choices. Now go and enjoy some awesome songs.

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Zenga Zenga Song

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You should listen and have your mind blown.

Gaddafi Zenga Zenga Song

Or you could just watch it for the sexy dancing girl.

Here to recommend some Cee Lo Green!

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Now, this song isn’t close to obscure but there’s more than one reason I’m recommending it.

Cee Lo Green – Fuck You

Cee Lo Green – Fuck You Cover

Cee Lo Green – Fuck You (sign language version)

Cee Lo Green’s Fuck You is an awesome song with an equally awesome music video but here I’ve got an awesome cover I wanted to share and even someone who performs Fuck You in sign language, how fucking awesome is that?

The cover is really well done and I thought I should share it since I wanted to share this song. I wanted to share this song because the sign language performance is…fucking awesome. The girl performing fuck you in sign language is not only cute but she seems to be enjoying her presentation, which is what makes the presentation. Really fucking well done. In short, awesome song, awesome cover and an even more awesome performance. Do yourself a favor and at least watch the sign language version, whether you like the song or not.

Another music recommendation

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I’m sorry to say this but I actually planned to do an anime review tonight but I got distracted by Reddit for many more hours than I planned for and here I am, tired, sleepy and unmotivated. Instead of an anime review, I hope you’ll accept this song.

“Made” by Dub FX

This isn’t exactly an obscure artist but just in case you haven’t heard of Dub FX I had to recommend him and this song. My favorite song of Dub FX’s, it could be the lyrics, it could be the layout, whatever it is, I can’t get enough of this song. Puts me in a trance of happiness every single time.

A song recommendation? Yep, I’m recommending you some music!

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Let me be the first to say that my taste in music is really diverse. I don’t really look at songs as categorized in genres, though I can look through genres to find songs I like. When I listen to a song, I simply listen to see if it appeals to me. Like I just said, I only care about labels when I’m looking for specific songs, otherwise, I like what my ear and brain like. So with that said, I hope everyone will keep an open mind in the future when I recommend some music.

Tinashe: Mbira version of “Zambezi

It’s soft, mellow and calming. I love calm songs. Simplicity can be much better than complex when done correctly. The lyrics are sweet, direct and moving. I don’t remember how or when I found this song but I always seem to come back to it every week, replaying it over and over right before going to sleep. It’s only 3 minutes and 25 seconds long so you don’t have an excuse not to give this a chance! Enjoy.

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