Braid – let’s use our brains!

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These lamps are too weak, wait until I invent neon lights

Recently, I bought Braid. Steam was having a sale and I thought, “Well, I keep seeing it mentioned here and there, maybe I should try it out to see what all the fuss is about.”

I’m glad I did. Braid is a lot of fun and it really makes you think, “How do I do this?” I didn’t complete Braid in one sitting, I would complete a level every couple days. Continue Reading Braid – let’s use our brains!…


Star Driver is the definition of a guilty pleasure

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Yes Ma'am!

What is a guilty pleasure? It’s something you(or I) may like or take pleasure in but wouldn’t want others to know. It’s something we like, though it goes against our ethos. It’s something we are ashamed to like. Star Driver is all of that and more. It’s 25 episodes long and bears many trademarks of the mecha and shounen genres. Continue Reading Star Driver is the definition of a guilty pleasure…

Nineteen, Twenty-One

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No, “Nineteen, Twenty-One” isn’t about that year, those are the ages of the two protagonists. Two cat lovers who meet, both facing the fulcrum of life. Continue Reading Nineteen, Twenty-One…

Akikan! means “empty can”

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Melon Sodas these days are pretty sexy

Akikan! is a 12 episode anime centered around a harem plot. Kakeru, the main character is a hobbyist who collects cans…one day he drinks from a melon soda can but to his surprise…THE CAN TURNS INTO A HUMAN. Huh? Yea, the first episode doesn’t really make sense…then again, the anime itself barely made much sense either. Something about cans fighting each other and something…I don’t remember much about this anime. It was pretty forgettable. I guess empty can can also mean empty memories.

Continue Reading Akikan! means “empty can”…

Kurenai OVA comes at us with a different approach

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Pool scene in the beginning...genius!

Kurenai OVA bases the character’s looks on the manga much more than the series did. The Kurenai series made many changes to the character models, which I actually didn’t know about until I found out about the Kurenai OVA. I haven’t read the Kurenai manga yet but I’ll get to it sometime. Anyway, Kurenai OVA is 2 episodes long and it has a different atmosphere to it than the series.
Continue Reading Kurenai OVA comes at us with a different approach…

Kurenai the series shows its serious side

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You better be, you jerk!

Kurenai (Kure-nai) feels like a serious show and indeed it is. Yet, there are elements of the story that I just can’t take seriously. Kurenai starts off strong and transitions into a good middle ground but somehow fails the move towards the end. The ending is what left a sour taste and something which could have been done correctly and made Kurenai an anime to remember. The ending is what drags Kurenai down into the “forgettable” lane and simply something I can’t take seriously. I guess that’s my only gripe with Kurenai.

Continue Reading Kurenai the series shows its serious side…

Vampire Juujikai (Record of a Fallen Vampire) manga review

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Hello, I'm count Dracula

Vampire Juujikai is all about the story. The art is shoujo-esque but not bad by any means. I’m not a huge fan of shoujo art styles but Juujikai’s art style is tolerable. This manga isn’t about the violence or the action, it’s all about the amazing story and the great characters. Those should be your reasons for reading Vampire Juujikai.

Continue Reading Vampire Juujikai (Record of a Fallen Vampire) manga review…

Flame of Recca manga review

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He just got shot down!

First of all, I’d like to point out that if you’ve ever tried any other work by Anzai Nobuyuki, none of them even begin to compare with Flame of Recca. His other works include Mar, Mar Omega and Mixim 11. Mar was alright, haven’t tried Mar Omega and Mixim 11 is his latest work but also his worst. I couldn’t even read more than a couple chapters of Mixim, he tries to appeal to a younger audience while making mature type perverted humor. It simply didn’t work and came across as really weird and uninteresting. But this isn’t a review about Mixim 11 so I’ll end that rant here.

Flame of Recca is Anzai’s earlier work but it’s also his best, in my opinion. Recca is a manga that isn’t afraid to be dark. There are moments where you realize how twisted and dark it’s become and how well it fits into the story, even with the silly moments. Recca is a 33 volume manga so it’s not a quick read but you may be amazed at how quickly you can get through it.

Continue Reading Flame of Recca manga review…

SWOT review

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He's a vampire!

SWOT is a three volume manga with only 20 chapters. There’s also a oneshot but it’s basically the same thing. SWOT is a typical Shounen type manga. A story that barely makes sense, gratuitous amount of fight scenes with wall shattering “martial arts”. Also, buxom girls that are later added to try and garner attention…the mangaka drew some great girls but couldn’t save his manga. It looks to have been canceled early, the story kept hinting at a long series but ultimately rushed to an ending.

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Ga-rei the manga

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Hey good lookin'

Ga-rei(The Enchained Spiritual Beast) has ghosts, swords and cute girls.

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