Yumekui Merry is a 13 episode nightmare

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Yumekui Merry is 13 episodes long. After I’d seen the first episode, I was going to drop it. Yumekui just wasn’t entertaining, enjoyable or interesting to me. For some reason, I decided to continue, I kept thinking “Well, it can only get better, right?” No, it never offers more than what you’d expect from it after watching the first episode. Don’t get me wrong, Yumekui isn’t a bad anime but it’s not the kind of anime I like. I knew this when I tried watching Shakugan no Shana because many people seem to like it, only to find how annoyingly bad and boring it was to me. Yumekui is the same as Shakugan. If you’ve seen Shakugan, you’ll feel like you’ve seen Yumekui. Continue Reading Yumekui Merry is a 13 episode nightmare…


Star Driver is the definition of a guilty pleasure

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Yes Ma'am!

What is a guilty pleasure? It’s something you(or I) may like or take pleasure in but wouldn’t want others to know. It’s something we like, though it goes against our ethos. It’s something we are ashamed to like. Star Driver is all of that and more. It’s 25 episodes long and bears many trademarks of the mecha and shounen genres. Continue Reading Star Driver is the definition of a guilty pleasure…

Nineteen, Twenty-One

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No, “Nineteen, Twenty-One” isn’t about that year, those are the ages of the two protagonists. Two cat lovers who meet, both facing the fulcrum of life. Continue Reading Nineteen, Twenty-One…


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Yea, my broom style is deadly.

Kenji is a 21 volume manga about martial arts, growing up and taking a journey. I started reading this manga a while ago but it wasn’t complete then. It finally finished recently and I got back into Kenji very easily. Kenji is an addicting adventure romp with enough action to ensnare your interest from beginning to end. Continue Reading Kenji…

Bio-Meat: Nectar offers shounen type story with maturity

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As in stop being within range of my eyesight.

Bio-Meat: Nectar maybe a bit shounen but it matures as a story. BM is 12 volumes long. Definitely worth a try because of the addictive story and likeable characters. There’s alot of typical shounen fare but that’s something I enjoy.

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Beelzebub the ova underwhelms as expected

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Rattle of face bending legend

Beelzebub (Hirotta Akachan wa Daimaou!?) is an ova which is 30 minutes long and typical shounen fare without the humor. I don’t know if it’s whether I’ve already read the manga and the fact that I knew everything that was coming or simply that the anime failed on the comedic front. Beelzebub doesn’t fail to deliver the copious amounts of unrealistic violence, though, which could be good or bad depending on your view and viewing mood.

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SWOT review

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He's a vampire!

SWOT is a three volume manga with only 20 chapters. There’s also a oneshot but it’s basically the same thing. SWOT is a typical Shounen type manga. A story that barely makes sense, gratuitous amount of fight scenes with wall shattering “martial arts”. Also, buxom girls that are later added to try and garner attention…the mangaka drew some great girls but couldn’t save his manga. It looks to have been canceled early, the story kept hinting at a long series but ultimately rushed to an ending.

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